Anne J. Froning
All of the purposeful endeavors of my life have led me out of doors into nature's sanctuary. It is there that I find inspiration (and materials) for my works of art.

As a child, gardening with my grandfather in Kentucky instilled a fascination and reverence for plant life. Exploring and creating in the woods surrounding my family home fueled a love of free movement, as well as an innate understanding of natural materials. My initial career choice of landscape architect/dancer fuses these early explorations and they continue to infuse my work as a fine artist in ceramics and drawing.

Clay is capable of capturing a single moment in time rendering in form the fleeting impetus of action, as well as the perfection found in even a single leaf. Making ceramics encompasses all the elements: earth, water, fire, space, and air. It is a form of meditation for me.

My hope is to create works that have an internal life so that they can continue to nurture the imagination and the spirit.